Brickstone Pavers

Brickstone pavers bring color and character to any landscaped space.

These classic pavers can recall the colonial Americana look of brick-paved streets or complement the most contemporary architecture. With their simple rectangular shape, Brickstone pavers can be arranged in a variety of appealing patterns.

These pavers are available in two thicknesses, 6cm and 8cm. Each can be used alone or as a border with our other pavers. Our 8cm Brickstone pavers come in the same colors as our Brickstone Permeable pavers.

Whatever the application—residential patio, traffic lane, or grand promenade—Brickstone pavers outperform ordinary pavements in ruggedness and appearance.

Our 6cm Brickstone pavers are available in Traditional and Weathered textures. Our 8cm Brickstone pavers are available in traditional texture.

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