Cobblestone Pavers

There’s a reason the streets of Old Europe have lasted for hundreds of years—they’re made with cobblestones.


NEW FOR 2018!

12" X 12" Cobblestone pavers
Cobblestone 12 x 12 paver information sheet (pdf)

12 x 12 Cobblestone paverThe new paver joins our family of 6-cm-thick Cobblestone pavers and introduces new options for creative use of color and new options for borders and insets.

 Today, you can capture a classic Old World look with Willow Creek Cobblestone pavers. They provide a distinctive appearance that will age gracefully.

Cobblestone pavers consist of six unique shapes that can be woven artfully into an endless array of patterns. Whether in a patterned or random arrangement, Cobblestone pavers complement retaining walls and other landscaping features. Cobblestone’s six shapes commonly are mixed, but are equally attractive when used individually.

Cobblestone pavers are available in Traditional and Weathered textures.

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