Willow Creek Ledgestone landcaping wall block application

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Consistent quality and attractive color options make Willow Creek the quality choice in concrete pavers.

Durability and consistency make Willow Creek concrete pavers the clear choice in interlocking concrete paving systems.

Installation without costly call-backs is the standard that both you and your customers expect. When you install Willow Creek pavers, you install them for life.

Willow Creek's process of marrying high-strength concrete with classic tones, colors and textures results in durability and beauty as well as satisfied customers. The Willow Creek family of pavers is the right choice to meet the most demanding challenges facing landscape contractors. 

Eight Families of Paving Stones

Six families of premier pavers offer your customers a range of choices— Dekrastone,, Eurostone, Slatestone, Brickstone, Cobblestone, Circlestone, Bullnose and Permeable—and are designed to meet the needs of any residential, commercial or public works landscaping project. Willow Creek's permeable pavers are the right solution for sites where stormwater runoff is an issue.

A Palette of Textures & Colors

Willow Creek’s two distinctive textures will satisfy any customer’s wishes, from a contemporary look to a more natural, rustic look. The Traditional finish features clean lines and a crisp beveled edge. The Weathered finish features the vintage, hand-hewn look of natural stonework.

Our variety of colors and textures can be used to create beautiful designs, such as contrasting bands and borders, color changes, inset patterns and more.

We carry a full line of paver cleaners and sealers to help you create satisfied customers.

Our Expertise is Your Advantage

We have a variety of resources to help you:

  • Color samples
  • Sell sheets
  • Technical guides, including print, CD or download
  • Calculator tool, available on CD or download
  • Contractor training

Paver Advantages

Willow Creek paving stones are preferred over both poured concrete and asphalt surfaces because:

  • In northern climates, pavers have a distinct advantage over poured concrete and asphalt because paver surfaces can flex with soil changes during seasonal freeze-thaw cycles. The freeze-thaw climate can stress poured concrete and asphalt pavements; Willow Creek pavers won't spall or crack.
  • Interlocking patterns won't shift and offer incredible stability, unlike a fixed, monolithic surface, such as poured concrete or asphalt.
  • Our pavers' integral colors offer consistency and permanency, unlike stained concrete, in which the surface color can wear away or fade. Available colors match natural stone and can be easily mixed and matched for great aesthetic results.
  • Pavers can be easily replaced if needed. Unlike asphalt or poured concrete surfaces, no scarring occurs when areas are removed for underground utility work or repair.
  • Pavers are slip-resistant for critical areas such as steps and pool coping and resist ice patch formation. No special snow removal is required. Standard snow shovels, snowblowers and snowplows can be used on a paver surface.

Created and maintained by the University of Georgia, College of Environment and Design, Paveshare.org comprises presentations, animations, and studio projects that explore the benefits of segmental concrete pavers from aesthetic, ergonomic and functional perspectives. The structure of the site links self-guided presentations with interactive animations, and a studio project library that spans concept to construction.

Permeable Pavers

Willow Creek permeable pavers offer an environmentally sound paving solution for a greener, sustainable future. Permeable interlocking concrete pavement (PICP) reduces runoff into storm sewers and allows rain to infiltrate into the soil. Many municipalities now require reductions in stormwater runoff, and permeable pavers are the green solution. The use of permeable pavers provides several environmental benefits in stormwater control:

  • It helps keep contaminants out of storm sewers. Potential contaminants can include fertilizers, pesticides, vehicle fluids and pet waste. Once in the storm sewer, these materials end up in the waterways into which the sewers empty.
  • It helps manage water volume. The additional water that storm sewers contribute to waterways can contribute to shoreline erosion.
  • It helps manage water temperature. Think of an asphalt parking lot in the summer; the runoff water absorbs heat and warms the waterway into which it empties. This temperature increase, called thermal pollution, can affect the fertility and development of aquatic life.
  • It helps replenish groundwater, allowing soil bacteria to break down potential pollutants naturally.


Because a successful installation is site-specific and every site is different, we recommend that contractors carefully consider site characteristics, such as soil conditions and subgrade percolation rates, which can vary widely. With years of experience, we know the technical nuances of installation on everything from sugar sand to bedrock.

Two choices, Aqua-Loc and Brickstone Permeable, offer design and color options in permeable pavers.

Permeable pavers can be used alone or in conjunction with other stormwater management BMPs, such as raingardens.Permeable Paver Advantages

The different types of permeable pavement include pervious concrete, porous asphalt and permeable pavers (permeable interlocking concrete pavement, or PICP). Permeable pavers are superior because:

  • PICP relies on solid, high-strength concrete units to support traffic surrounded by small, highly pervious stone-filled joints to receive and infiltrate stormwater.
  • Stone-filled joints in PICP contribute to interlocking permanence and also to the spreading of wheel loads for long-term durability.
  • Hydrogeological performance of PICPs is superior because of the high surface infiltration rates in the PICP openings, well above practically all rainfall intensities.
  • Because permeable pavers are manufactured in a facility and delivered to the project site, they not subject to time and temperature limitations in an installation. Pervious concrete and porous asphalt are subject to weather as the materials are formed on the job site and, as a result, are temperature constrained and subject to site control for successful installation.
  • Permeable pavers have higher performance, including testing for freeze-thaw performance and compressive strength, unlike pervious concrete and porous asphalt. Permeable pavers have an average strength of 8,000 psi, while pervious concrete has an average strength of 2,500 to 4,000 psi.
  • PICP requires no curing time, while traffic must be kept off of porous asphalt for 24 hours and off of pervious concrete for 7 days following installation.
  • PICP offers more surface reflection, reducing heat typical of impervious pavements and pervious asphalt.

From Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute. "Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement, A Comparison Guide to Porous Asphalt and Pervious Concrete."

Ledgestone Landscaping Block

Willow Creek Ledgestone landscape blocks stack up as the most user-friendly landscaping solution available for building naturally rustic freestanding walls, columns and other hardscape features. The block's 4" x 8" x 12" proportions make it the perfect modular landscaping unit. Available in six colors, this block is ideal for creating not only garden walls, planters, and seat walls, but also fireplaces, grill islands, serving counters and much more. This unit is the creative designer's best friend. Ledgestone is available to match Willow Creek's blended color pavers.

Willow Creek Bullnose units are proportioned to look great in any application.

Bullnose Landscaping Units

Willow Creek Bullnose units add a finishing touch to any paving stone project. Bullnose provides a safe, rounded edge when used as stair treads, edging, pool coping or spa decks. Seat walls are more comfortable when capped with Bullnose units, and Bullnose is often used on outdoor countertops, bar-grill islands and other outdoor features. Ideal for rounding off a raised patio or any paver project, Bullnose units are available in the same colors as Willow Creek Brickstone, Cobblestone and Circlestone pavers and deliver the same unsurpassed durability. Bullnose units are available in Traditional and Weathered textures.

Willow Creek offers the only 6" wide Bullnose unit in the Midwest.  Our years of expertise have shown that the 6" Bullnose paver is superior over a standard 4" for many reasons that benefit both contractors and homeowners. Six-inch Bullnose units cover more area and are faster and easier to install. In addition, 6" Bullnose are more aesthetically proportionate to standard paver dimensions.

Outdoor Kits

Help your clients create the outdoor living space of their dreams with our Willow Creek Outdoor Kits.  Easy-to-install yet beautiful and functional, these outdoor kits make a patio or outdoor space more comfortable and welcoming.  Help your customers choose the perfect feature—an outdoor grill island, bar/grill island, bar, two-tiered bar, fireplace, wood box, waterfall or fire ring—or suggest an ensemble for the perfect outdoor living/dining area. Our Outdoor Kits come complete with all the materials you will need, along with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.