These twin circular patios mirror one another.

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In addition to our pavers and other hardscape products, we carry a complete line of paver accessories, including edging, sand and installation tools.  If you have questions about any Willow Creek product or accessory, please contact Burt Plett, Willow Creek Paving Stones Product Manager.

Your Willow Creek Paving Stones sales representative has available all of the accessories shown on our Accessories page, along with these installation tools: 

  • Paver Extractor
  • Paver Alignment Bar
  • Set of 2 Replacement Blades for Extractor
  • 5 lb. Dead Blow Hammer
  • 8 lb. Dead Blow Hammer
  • Hand Tamper – 10" x 10" with bolted steel handle
  • Sharp Tooth Lute (base rake) - 36"
  • 48" Folding Square
  • 2' L x 1" w x 4" h Magnesium Screed
  • 4' L x 1" w x 4" h Magnesium Screed
  • 6' L x 1" w x 4" h Magnesium Screed
  • 8' L x 2" w x 4" h Magnesium Screed
  • AccuScreed Starter Leveling Kit
  • AccuScreed Leveling Kit (12 yokes with nuts)
  • Willow Creek Knit Gloves - Latex coated palm & fingers (dozen)
  • Willow Creek Paver Pencil - Red Lead (24/bag)

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